LES STROUD | Become a Survivorman

My guest today needs no introduction. Most of you might know him as Survivorman. His name is and he is a legend in the nature, wildlife, and survival communities (for good reason).

Now, I thought we’d be talking all about survival strategies and techniques today but we immediately took the conversation deeper and covered everything from our disagreements on the Boys Scouts new rules allowing girls, why women tend to be better survivalists and what gets in men’s way, our responsibility to contribute to society and the 3 ways we can, what the “joy of completion” means and how to harness it, and how to become our own survivorman in every facet of life.

“The thing that’s missing is the adult male to young male mentorship, that’s what I don’t want to see go by the wayside.” — Les Stroud

Les Stroud

As I said earlier, my guest today is and he is most popular for his award-winning TV show, Survivorman. He has dedicated his life to understanding nature, wildlife, the outdoors, and our relationship with them.

And, he’s been featured on just about every imaginable channel from Discovery to NatGeo and appearances on Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, and Larry King Live. He’s incredibly capable in the great outdoors, a deep thinker (as you’ll hear in our conversation), and an avid teacher of all things nature and how to survive anything life may have to throw your way. Enjoy!

“When I discovered how good it feels to finish, my whole life since then has been about finishing what I started.” — Les Stroud

Show Highlights

  • Why women tend to perform better in certain survival situations

  • How ego gets in a mans way in a survival situation

  • Value of women being included in Boy Scouts

  • The importance of adult male mentorship to young males

  • How to overcome the lack of early mentorship as a young man

  • The benefits and drawbacks of having a chip on your shoulder

  • How canoeing lead Les to what he is doing today

  • The importance of the “joy of completion”

  • The benefits of connecting with nature

  • The joy of teaching kids

  • Why failure is a great teacher

  • The importance of giving your kids realistic expectations

“As human beings we have a responsibility to contribute in some way.” — Les Stroud

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