Breaking: Despite Failed To Sack Them Today, Buhari Blasts Service Chiefs Say, Your Effort Not Good Enough”

President Muhammadu Buhari has criticised service chiefs in Nigeria over their strategy in tackling insecurity in the country.

 Babagana Monguno, National Security Adviser, disclosed this to journalists after a security briefing on Tuesday.  Monguno said Buhari was planning a complete re-engineering of the nation’s security apparatus.

  He further said that the President told service chiefs, who attended the briefing, that their efforts was not good enough.Bashir Magashi, Minister of Defence is working on something and will likely give a new direction to the security agencies in the days to come,” Monguno said.

See Video Of 4 Male And 4 Female SHS Students Caught Chopping Themselves In A One Corner Style

The above image shows a screen shot of Senior High School students which appears to be living in their own world with no respect or regards to authority and rules. For morality, it has completely lost its value among the youth of today.

A video of 4 girls and 4 boys all students in their uniform having a great time in their class has surfaced online to the shock of many.  The girls and boys all standing in the four corners of the classroom is seen smooching themselves and enjoying some s3x time in their respective corners.

Whiles, they were enjoying themselves another person was also taking very up-close shots of them. And they appeared unfazed about it.  Well,

watch video below


See How Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy were strictly searched when they arrived for their battle (Photo,Video)

The terrible history at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards repeat itself at the venue for their clash, Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale were strictly searched when they arrived for their battle.

Personnel from the Ghana Police Service at the gate of the venue took time to search them like ‘thieves’ who have been taken to the police station for stealing, they searched them from head to toe.  Good Move on the part of Asaase Radio. As they say, prevention is always better than cure therefore not taking any chances in searching both musicians to be fully convinced that the program can go on smoothly without any unanticipated events. 

In a video that captures the very moment the two Dancehall artists were searched, Shatta Wale was first to be strictly searched by a policeman.  Stonebwoy a few minutes later entered the grounds in the company of some few other important people in his team. He was also strictly searched upon arrival.

The much talked about Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy clash has finally been launched by the organizers of the show, Asaase Radio. It was an amazing moment to see these two music giants face-off.  The date for the real battle will be announce soon according to the organizers of the show, Asaase Radio.

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Anytime I remember that someone will win ₦85M for just staying in a house kissing, gossiping & eating free food, I open my drawer, bring out my certificate & use it to be fanning myself because it can't be useless to me outside & still be useless inside." It reminds me of something. In 2006 I was the Best Graduating Student of the Department of English, Benue State University, Makurdi. At the combined convocation in 2010, it was announced, and I was issued a letter indicating that I had won the HOD's Prize for the Best Graduating Student of English. The amount was One thousand naira. I mean, 1000 naira only.

I didn't feel excited about it, but somehow, armed with the award letter, I went to the bursary to cash the #1000. Twice, I was told that the University had not released the money. Hmmmm, I just gave up and never went back there till today. In that same University, individuals and organisations were sponsoring miss BSU, miss this, miss that, and awarding them cars, huge sums of money and other consolation/ runners up prizes.

I couldn't help thinking that our society is one that has no respect, honour or proper recognition for intellectualism. Instead, it lavishly rewards mediocrity and sensuality. Little wonder, we are not making much progress, and academic hardwork is fast disappearing. Why would a beautiful girl want to work hard to make good grades when she knows that winning a MISS can fetch her a car and cash with little sweat? This, among other reasons, is why there is a rise in the establishment of the "missing or misses" institution in the university, where stellar academic performance should be the most honourable and admirable thing.

We began to have "misses" in so many departments and faculties on campus: Miss BUTASA, miss MACOSA, etc, etc (even tribal and community associations began to organize their misses and faces). Perhaps, the rise of the "missing" or "misses" institution in the Ivory Tower was a prophetic indication that the Citadel of Learning had begun to MISS out on the issues that really mattered. This is why someone will not think of gathering scientists and sponsoring them to bring out world shaking inventions and rewarding the greatest inventor at the end of the show. Even at this critical time in history, that someone is not thinking of sponsoring medical researchers, housing them to bring up a vaccine against Covid 19.

 Instead we are waiting for America and Europe to bring up the solution while we spend our money to sponsor sensual indulgence that only serves to satisfy our base instincts and fantasies. Meanwhile, when a pastor builds a big church, we suddenly become very wise and begin to hector him for building a big Church instead of a factory, as if he is called to be an industrialist and not pastor! When a society has been so properly denuded of such simple moral reasoning and decorum that it places sensuality above intellectualism, we cannot expect to go forward at reasonable speed....….........

See Drama As Lord’s Chosen Pastor Allegedly Impregnates Two Underaged Sisters Then Asks The Older One To Keep The Baby

Pastor Nduka Anyawu, a pastor of the Lord’s Chosen Church has been accused of defiling two underaged sisters for years and finally impregnating them under the guise of casting out badluck from them.

Pastor Nduka Anyanwu, who ministers in the Lord’s Chosen Church, Canaan Land branch in Oshodi, allegedly impregnated the sisters aged 17 and 13. According to an NGO known as Stop The Abuse, Nduka allegedlyvbegan raping the younger girl when she was just 9 and began raping the older girl when she was 16.They also alleged that the parents of the girls knew but allowed the pastor to carry on because he told them it’s the only way he could remove the “spiritual mark” on them that “repels good things”.

When he was eventually nabbed by a team of advocates from Stop The Abuse Foundation, the parents of the girls allegedly tried to defend him.  The parents refused his arrest based on the fact that he’s a man of God and he has already promised to marry their older daughter. According to the NGO, the pastor said that he wants the older sister to keep the pregnancy and he’ll marry her but asked that the younger sister aborts her pregnancy because what happened between them was a mistake.Police officers at the Makinde Police Station arrested the pastor and he’s now in their custody.

Stop The Abuse Foundation Wrote: “Pastor Nduka Anyanwu who should be better known as Pastor Penis has allegedly raped and impregnated two sisters aged 17 and 13 years and has said he wants the older girl to keep the pregnancy because he wants to marry her but that the younger one should abort her own pregnancy as sexually defiling her was a mistake which he regretted even though he has had carnal knowledge of her uncountable times.

The wicked pastor who claims he is a minister from the Lord’s Chosen Church , Canaan land branch, Oshodi has been sexually defiling the younger girl since she was 9 years old and the older girl since she was 16 years under the pretext that she had a spiritual mark on her body that repels good things and the only way to remove the mark was to have carnal knowledge of her. 

She refused vehemently and reported to her parents who insisted that she must accept. Drama however ensued when a team of advocates from Stop The Abuse Foundation and Child Advocates and Vulnerable Person’s Network tried to get him arrested with the help of policemen from Makinde Police Station,Oshodi.  The parents of the survivors adamantly refused the arrest of the abuser because he is a man of God and has already promised to marry their older daughter. He was eventually arrested by the determined police officers who refused to be compromised. Thanks to the DPO of Makinde Police Station and his able and gallant police officers” 



See How Angry SHS students insult Nana Akuffo Addo over difficult WASSCE question (VIDEO)

The final examinations for SHS is currently ongoing but some students are already mad at the President of the country Nana Akuffo Addo as if he was the one that set their examination questions.

A video sighted on social media sees some students of Sekondi College in the Western region raining insults on President Nana Akuffo Addo following their failure to answer some of their exams questions.  The group made up of boys after their insults called on the President to give them free marks in that particular examination since they know they didn’t write anything.

Another is also heard reminding the president about the fact that he is also in his final year and looking forward to people to push him forward.
See Video Below

See 4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Taking Bath Together With Your Partner

Gone were the olden days when people give too much attention to their bodies and endeavor to cover their privacy as much as possible. Nowadays, a lot has changed and the archaic traditions where women mingling with men were a taboo, today couples enjoy the freedom of being wherever they want and whoever they want.
Unmarried youngsters in the so-called boyfriend-girlfriend relationship do unthinkable things to the private parts of each other all in the name of love and sexual pleasure.
So, just imagine, what you would expect legally married couples would do with themselves? Marriage has made it so easy and given the freedom to married partners practice whatever they see or have heard of.

In the past, there was fear if one saw your private parts, and the man used leaves to cover her important parts. Today even some walk naked in the name of fashion and dynamic society.

Here are 4 important reasons why you should avoid taking a bath together with your partner if you can

Decrease In Self-Esteem
If someone has knowledge about one of your weaknesses, then you lose confidence in yourself. Even if they are your partner and are continuously, daily, seeing your unclothed ness, you will have low esteem.
Some people might use the advantage to investigate your body and find out points to attack you whenever you request for favors and thus lowers one’s self-worth.
Lowers Se*x Drive
In the same bathroom and both of you ready to shower.
At some point, it might be interesting as the two of you enjoy splashing water at each other.
Seeing your partner’s tools might become so obvious that you even lack interest when it comes to conjugal rights.
This at times might force one to try and find a different person hence encourages infidelity.
Reduces Confidence
Some people are shy. Remember not everybody has the confidence you may have.
With teachings from community and religion, the value of one’s organs might create fear if you force or want to have a bath with them.
One might not enjoy the act for s/ he fears that somebody is enjoying the view of their body.
It can lead to differences or fear of water,”kupiga passport”.
Nude Leak And Black Mail
Evident in social media among most celebrities. The digital era has brought about high focal lens cameras in phones that can record, store, and share videos.
Taking photos or videos in the bathroom might be good for you at the moment but as well as bad when things fall apart.
If the two of you break up, one can post your photo to instill more pain into you and blackmail you.
With social media, anybody who is familiar with you can have the information and it is just embarrassing.


Breaking: Security Operatives Use Knife, Bottle To Shave Hair Of Peaceful #RevolutionNow Protester In Abuja [Photos]

Security operatives deployed to disperse members of #RevolutionNow movement in Abuja have shaved off the hair of a protester with a knife and broken bottle.
Breaking: Security Operatives Use Knife, Bottle To Shave Hair Of Peaceful #RevolutionNow Protester In Abuja [Photos]

The victim revealed that the officers asked him to prostrate on the floor before one of them pulled out a knife while another used a broken bottle to cut off his dreadlocks and shave his hair.
Another protester with bruises on his back, Damilare Ademola, said he was dehumanised and battered by the security operatives for taking part in the protest to demand better governance from the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.
He said he was flogged with iron and chain and kicked to the ground for no reason.
Breaking: Security Operatives Use Knife, Bottle To Shave Hair Of Peaceful #RevolutionNow Protester In Abuja [Photos]
He said, “I was beaten by more than four soldiers and policemen. They slapped me several times and kicked me with boots. They also collected my phone and did not return it to me.
“It is unfortunate that this government does not accommodate civic space. There is no freedom of speech in Nigeria again.”


Shocking As Fake Blind Woman Arrested In Ebonyi State (Photo)

A Fake blind woman has been apprehended in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State Capital.

Information gathered that the fake blind woman was arrested by SA to Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State on Mineral Resources & Environmental Management.

According to an eyewitness who shared the report , the woman who hails from Imo State always beg for “alms at Union Bank Junction in Abakaliki.”

According to him,” It’s her usual practice to apply ‘Rob’ ointment on her eyes, her eyes responds to the stimuli, she keeps it shut while one of her little children leads her by the hand!”

“She reapplies the balm when its effect on her eyes seem to be waning”.

As at the time of filing this report, the Governor’s Aide was conveyed the woman to old Government house.