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How Are Drones Used In Restaurants?

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and instead of calling a waiter, you are a given a pad to select what you want to have, and then you see a drone bringing you what you asked for? How did you feel? Well, first you might have taken out your phone and took a picture, or you might have just watched in amazement. Technology is increasingly making everything possible, and with the creation of drones, the impossible has become possible for all sectors in terms of commercial use. In this All Drone School article we are going to cover in detail How are drones used in restaurants?

How are drones used in restaurants? As servers for food and drinks, waiters, taking orders, photography, delivery, Security and Surveillance, advertising, and more!

How are drones used in restaurants?

Written by: AJ Keil

These unmanned Aerial vehicles UAVs have not only been applied in the military as defense mechanisms. But are also used in our commercial use. Since their production has increasingly been of interest, the FAA has been approved as the only body that can license your drone for such activities. To ensure that security and various guidelines are followed since it is the only government body responsible for granting certification within the country for all aerial operations.

There are various guidelines that has been structured to ensure that the UAVs conform to the security and work they will be a doing. These Unmanned Aerial vehicles UAVs or quadcopters have been used in many aspects of life; military, movie industries, photography and even architecture.

Drones eye view of a restaurant interior with tables chairs and people – Photo by  on  Drones-eye view of restaurant

Restaurants are investing in drones

Well, I am here to inform you that this is what some restaurants are investing in. Let’s look deeply on how well drone use is diversified in hospitality and catering services, especially in (BBC News)

Technology is growing so fast that restaurant owners are investing in more efficiency, low cost, and reliable form of service delivery. This easy and efficient way of delivery is meant to attract young customers and reduce the cost of running a restaurant.

It is important to note that the drones are not used to reduce the cost of paying waiters, but restaurant owners are looking in more of efficiency, and sometimes the human labor is inadequate.

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How are Drones Used in Restaurants?  Fully Autonomous Flying Robots For Restaurants. –

Uses of drones in restaurants. 

The restaurant is a domain of business that deals with food and beverages, there’s nothing as good as going to a restaurant and getting your order as fast as possible. Moreover, through the incorporation of quadcopters in the industry, efficiency, and effectiveness of restaurant services have significantly improved. These are some of the uses of drones in a restaurant.

Drones used as waiters? 

Drones have extended their use to more than what can be anticipated worldwide today. Replacement of human resources has been an effective way. Today, restaurants are using drones in serving and providing services to the customers using them. Breaking the norm from tradition, its efficiency has been great compared to human intervention. 

Drones can be used as a waiter in many different ways. As an example, you can go to a restaurant, and instead of calling for a waiter, you request your food or drink via the restaurant menu that is in the form of an app. Then you may choose the method of delivery, whether packed or at your table for consumption. Yes, I know you are wondering…

How can there be a drone waiter without human intervention? 

Yes, drones require human intervention like serving and packaging of food and other services such as operating the control to your table or place of want. The drones carry food from the kitchen and place it in a specific position where the customers can easily take their delicious food and enjoy.

An example is one , (C-net News) which is implementing the use of drones to deal with the shortage of the workforce and increase of cost in running the business. 

Additionally, some large hotels that usually host parties want to serve champagne to their guests. Instead of having to use waiters to carry trays around, they would use drones because carrying trays can be a hassle. The drones, in this case, save on the workforce in the sense that they don’t have to hire an extra worker to serve the food.

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How are Drones Used in Restaurants?  Drone Waiters At Timbre. –

Some bars and restaurants have adopted the use of drones to serve drinks. The drones serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to the customers. The customers place their orders on the drone, and the drone takes and delivers the orders. An example is a certain bar that uses a drone named Blue Jay to serve the clients. The customers then place an order on the drone. 

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Look! A Drone served me my beer in a bar –

Use of drones as food delivery means. 

Delivery has been emaciated in different perspectives. Among the current trend, today, various carrier services have grown by providing the service of delivering food to locations like offices, businesses, or residential places. They normally charge higher prices, and in terms of traffic, the food can be cold, or you may lose appetite while waiting.

The use of a drone has been put into practice to take care of your worries and save on your cost-effectively. Mostly, it has been practiced by restaurants and fast food deliveries like pizza! (See video below from YouTube)

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Pizza Delivery Drone

Who doesn’t like pizza?

Many at times we order pizza, and it takes forever to to get to you, because maybe the delivery man was caught in traffic and failed to deliver it on time. Well, this is about to change.

Some companies who specialize in making drones are trying to see this through to ensure that you get your pizza on time, and it flies to your door. How amazing can this be? Many people who order food to be delivered to their homes can really like this idea. 

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How are Drones Used in Restaurants?  Drone Delivers Pizza For Francesco’s Pizzeria Restaurant Mumbai

All you need is to make that order to your best restaurant for those tacos, sushi, and coke and then after some few minutes, the quadcopter delivers at your place of destination with no limitation of time and delays. Drone service will significantly save on time, and the whole idea is just exiting, especially for the kids. One restaurant in Mumbai tried to deliver pizza to the client, and it worked perfectly well. (See YouTube Video Above)

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Domino’s pizza is the first company to use a drone to make a commercial food delivery. – CNBC –

Drones as restaurant supply means.

A restaurant deals with orders and demands that at sometimes without efficient management may lead to short of raw materials and products to fulfill the customer’s demand. Since the process of logistics and transportation of supplies ordered can take time while the client is waiting, the management can deploy the use of a drone to avail the offer of supplies from the merchants efficiently. 

However, in such an instance, then the high-end expensive drones should be used for their energy and power if the product to be supplied is heavy, which can be determined by rotor blades and stability. It is to this that some restaurant owners are having these ideas of using drones to supply commodities to their restaurants.

We don’t know how this can be achieved, but again, there’s nothing impossible when it comes to technology. Imagine having that capability of buying groceries and then drones deliver them?

Not only can they supply goods to the restaurants, but also deliver the bills. 

Instead of someone delivering bills, they can be mounted on a drone and be delivered to the owner of the restaurant. The idea of getting supplies using drones is a great one, and many can’t wait for it to be implemented by many restaurants as soon as possible. Some of the drones specifically; likely to handle such work are the

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Live Trial of Waiter Drones in Restaurants: Infinium-Serve –

Security and Surveillance for restaurants.

Security is very paramount at any business centers without an exemption to restaurant services. Restaurants have great masses of people in real-time, either buying or making orders for food, and ensuring security for your clients is essential. Use of human resources maybe not effective.

However, we may use cameras to cover all edges but sometimes the restaurant can be big, and its efficiency in terms of security can be compromised. The dead edges are a point to consider but investing in high rotatable cameras can be expensive.

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C-net – Sunflower’s home security drone spots trespassers.

Drones can be mounted with Cameras for surveillance and other services for multi-functions of the restaurant so that in case of any robberies, there can evidence. Moreover, many at times, the customers and waiters will have conflicts.

To get to the root of the matter, the owner can use the cameras on the drones to see exactly what happened without disputes. There can be no argument to what is available on actual video from the real-time footage from the drone for factual evidence at any time.

Restaurant table overhead viewHow are Drones Used in Restaurants?  Security and Surveillance. Photo by from 

The clarity of images is of great quality compared to other traditional cameras. Also, the use of drones will generally reduce these conflicts because no one argues with a drone. The surveillance will also include taking data of the restaurant in terms of how many customers can the restaurant manage to handle at a particular time for proper planning.

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Drones used for Restaurant Photography.

Photography is another service that the restaurant can offer in time of conferences, parties, and other occasional events. Covering for the events needs great expertise of camera operators that at a point, may not be able to give good results, and the work can be too much for them.

Incorporating of drones such as and with the inbuilt camera of a 4k resolution and with great angle tilts can give you the best shorts and promote your restaurant in a measurable manner.

A Drones aerial view of waterside restaurant setting for advertisingA Drones aerial view of waterside restaurant setting for advertising – Photo by  on 

Providing the customer with the best according to their taste and preference is essential in any restaurant setting. Additionally, under this, the quadcopters can be used for advertisement purposes.

For instance, a restaurant owner wants to advertise his joint, with the aid of a professional photographer, the photographer will use the drone, and this will cut costs of doing the photography of the restaurant. It is more efficient and reliable to cover your events in style and professionalism.

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Factors to consider before using drones in restaurants.

Before you venture into the usage of drones in your restaurant and (or) bar, you must key in some consideration that will make it possible for your business to either be hit or miss, like the following…

 Customer satisfaction.

This is the most important aim of the restaurant owner. When your clients are satisfied, then that is good business. Use of drones is a new technology that is yet to be embraced by everyone. So before you start using drones, you should know if the drones will meet the needs of the customers.

All the customers want is an efficient and reliable way of service. And if a restaurant can achieve this by using drones, then the business will be a hit, and when customers are satisfied, they will most always come back.

Know your budget.

On any typical day, for you to buy any gadget, you must know how much it costs. By knowing the cost, it will determine whether or not you will buy the device. Another factor to key in is the cost of running this gadget.

Drones are affordable but not affordable to everyone, you must know how it will be maintained, and in this case, you should know the available materials for repair if it was to need repairs. Your budget should key in all these factors before buying and using a drone. However, for a restaurant setting, one should invest in high-end quadcopters that will last.

The Range of your drone.

The drones will be inside a restaurant, and this is where it will be operating. However, that movement of that drone in the restaurant should be specific and limited to a particular area. The movement of your drone should not be a distracting factor. People come to a restaurant to eat yes, but some of these people could be on a date. 

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Here is a drone that interfered. TGI Fridays mistletoe drone cuts the nose of Brooklyn photographer Georgine Benvenuto.

Your drone should not be a hindrance. It should not interfere with people in the restaurant. Another instance is when kids will come to the restaurant, they will want to start following the drones, so it’s important to make sure space is sufficient enough for the easy movement of these drones.

 Availability of drone replacement parts.

Drones, just like any other electronic gadget, requires repairs in case it breaks down. Finding a device with available replacement parts is important. It’s always important to check with the manufacturer if they have the spare parts of the drone.

Alternatively, you can check on other retailers to see if they have the spare parts. Important spares to consider are the propellers, landing gears, controllers, batteries, lenses, and motors. 

If you are interested in drones and drone related products, then be sure to check out the

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– CNN Flying fish: Sushi delivered by drone
Do you want to take a course on flying drones?  –  From beginner to advanced, you’ll find it here at

Flying time in Restaurants

The flying time of the drone in the restaurant should be as fast as possible so that many customers can be served. Many customers like it when the food they order takes very short to come. The drones also have their specified flying time, so it’s important to make sure they have the best flying time for proper service.

The Material drones are made out of.

Many drones are made of plastic, but these don’t last long. Instead, invest in a drone that is made of durable materials for more days of service. For a restaurant setting investing in a high-end drone to perform your work such as delivery and supply, then Fiberglass drones are more effective than other materials. They are durable and have high resistance to any mechanical factors.

The purpose of your drone in restaurants. 

The drone, in this matter, should be meant for carrying food and drinks. When you order a drone, make sure it’s made for its purposes. Makes sure it has all the required parts that will enable it to perform it’s intended functions. For example, the drone here should have a large surface to put plates, cups, and drinks on it. 

Your level of drone experience 

Drones are controlled by people. Before you buy any drone for your restaurant, make sure you know how to control it, or you have someone who’s going to control it as it serves the customers. This is important because you wouldn’t want to crush the drone in your customers face. (see TGI Friday YouTube video above)

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TOP 8 Advanced Restaurant Technologies – MIND BLOWING –

Advantages of using drones in restaurants.

-Reduced workforce 

The drones will reduce the workforce of the workers in the restaurant. When the workforce is reduced, the employees of the restaurant can work with no pressure, which is good for business. When employees work under pressure, they are likely to mess up, the food will be under-cooked, and the services will be poor.

-Improved services.  

Because the drones are fast, and unlike the workforce, they don’t feel tired. The service will always be improved. They are efficient and reliable, which is what the customers want, it improves the customer’s satisfaction, and as a result, the more the restaurant will not serve its customers to other places.

Many customers would wait for long periods of time for the waiters to take their orders, and this wastes time, but the introduction of drones had made it possible for the reduction of waiting time. Now you just put in your order and food comes.

It can be a marketing strategy.

Drones are made by tech companies which are always in search of a market for their products. Their drones will be seen by people in a restaurant and they will see the logos and want to buy drones for different or similar purposes.

Maximizes on profit.

Sometimes it is not easy to hire people to work for you because maybe they are not available, or it is expensive to pay them. So by using drones at your service, you would have maximized on the profits. The usage of drones instead of human waiters has helped many restaurants to save on money.

Drones used in restaurants saves money!
– Photo by  on 

Drones have reduced waiter-customer conflicts. 

Many times some customers are rude, or some waiters are just poor at serving people. By the use of drones, no one will conflict with each other, unless the drones start arguing with the customer, which is not going to happen, but would be funny if it did. This has created a win-win situation for both the waiters and the restaurant owners.

The drone is fascinating.

Everyone would want to go to a restaurant that uses drones so that they can be amazed. Especially young people and kids. This attraction is good for business. Many people will buy food, and the restaurant will be famous just because it uses drones.

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– This Drone Startup Is Beating Amazon at Deliveries

Disadvantages of using drones in restaurants.

The usage of drones is still new, so not many restaurants are open to the idea of using them. Many would prefer to go to the old traditional way of hiring workers.

-The introduction of drones has made people lose their jobs because drones are cheaper, so many restaurant owners prefer to use drones. This has led to a loss of jobs.

Regulations. There are many regulations to use drones which the restaurant owners must research before owning and using one.

-it is hard for many restaurants to have and maintain a drone because of its complications. 

-Drones, just like any other machine, can malfunction which can be a setback for the restaurant, especially if they solely depend on it. 

Some drones are noisy, and this disturbs some customers who would prefer to have their meals in peace. So many will prefer a quieter place.

Be sure to read before you buy! –click here for the   

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The pros and cons of using drone to deliver goods. –

How are Drones Used in Restaurants?  Conclusion.

The use of drones has become widespread in many areas, and its immense use has transformed various sectors for all commercial services and business structures. Its work is formidable and highly recognizable in getting the job done efficiently. It is therefore essential to consider various guidelines and laws in place to ensure that your drone is registered and you get a permit of operation.

It is always best to maintain the health and safety of people and property while using a drone, which is an essential key factor while using a drone in highly dense populated areas.

In a nutshell, drones are taking over the service industry by storm. Human force is slowly being replaced by drones. Drones are most likely to have more benefits when used, than the human force.

Hence, many companies are developing drones to suit any form of work that a human can do. Since they are effectively reliable and their customer service is just awesome, and its incorporation is not regretted. Drones for restaurants is assurance of better services.

Thanks for taking the time to read “How Are Drones Used In Restaurants? ” I hope it helps out! My name is AJ, here at All Drone School …Be sure to share this article with someone, and be sure to take a look at my other articles here as well… Thanks again! ?  AJ

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