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What are 20 ways drones change the world?

AJ here from All Drone School with today’s topic: What are 20 ways drones change the world?: Drones have changed many aspects of our daily lives. They are one of those inventions that are so efficient in every single way, that it is possible that they have arrived to our lives to stay for a really long time. The world is just starting to notice the many advantages that drones have and it is possible that someday life will be much better thanks to them. How do drones change our lives?

What are 20 ways drones change the world? Locating lost people, Construction, News broadcasting, Sports, Inspections, Firefighting and Police work, Advertising, Military weapons, Transporting, Farming, Light shows, Transporting, Wildlife investigating, Cleaning the environment, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Architecture, Restaurants, Computer games, Exploration, Alarm systems, Education and more.

What are 20 ways drones change the world? Introduction:

Written by: AJ Keil

When we think about drones, the first things that might come to our minds are probably related to their ability to fly and take pictures and video. We tend to imagine the small drones that are for sale in the stores. However, drones come with a great variety of designs. All the possible variations in their designs allow them to participate in most, if not all, human activities, bringing numerous advantages, depending on how we want them to alter our lives.

How do drones alter life? 

Since they are fast, cheap, precise, and adaptable, this article will discuss 20 ways in which drones alter life. Some of them are so fantastic, that 10 or 15 years ago they would have been impossible to imagine outside a science fiction movie. So let’s get on with the countdown of the 20 ways drones change the world. Here is #1…

1) Drones used as military weapons

Drones have been used for military operations by many countries. Most of them are used for observation and data collection, but some are used for offensive operations, too. One of their many uses is to implement thermal imaging to locate hidden enemies.

Military drones can fly extremely quickly, regardless of the weather conditions. Some Drones can carry bombs and missiles and work like combat aircraft (but without the pilots). Drones can even destroy enemy missiles.

USA Military Drone - shaped like an airplane - 20 ways drones change the worldUSA Military Drone – Image by  from .

Military drones with laser rays

The use of drones for military services forced the creation of a new type weapon that is hard to believe that exists; laser rays. The US Navy has been using the first laser ray canon to destroy enemy military drones. It aims at the target and silently the laser ray heats up the drone to thousands of degrees in seconds. After that the drone falls down, unable to work anymore. The laser ray is precise, silent and invisible and every shot costs only about one dollar.

2) Drones help locate people

Jet plane in a forest on the ground surrounded by green pine trees. spotted by a drone. 20 ways drones change the worldPhoto by: David Kovelenko Unsplash – Jet plane in a forest spotted by a drone.

Drones with thermal imaging cameras have helped rescue people from places where they cannot be seen with the unaided eye. This can happen after catastrophes (like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, or explosions) or sometimes people go hiking or for an excursion and get either lost or stuck in a place that is difficult to access. Drones can help rescue teams to locate them quickly. Drones are great for search and rescue.

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20 ways drones change the world

3) Drones help firefighters

Fire in the night on the top of a hill.Photo by  on  Fire in the night.

Firefighters have been using drones with thermal cameras for years. Thermal cameras have been used both in structure fires and wildfires because with them you can see very well through the smoke. They can give the firefighters important information about the resistance of a structure they are working on (to avoid standing on it when it collapses). They can give information about how the fire is advancing, so that the firefighters can plan a safer strategy to put it out.

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These drones can detect hazardous materials (and even leaks) before the firefighters enter the zone. They can check the unity of the in a forest fire, to make them more effective in stopping the fire. They can detect the hot spots left after a fire has been put out to keep fire from initiating again. Not only that but drones with thermal imaging cameras have been used to detect hot areas in forests in which a fire could start (before it does). This has saved a lot of people enormous amounts of money.

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4) Drones used for wildlife investigation

Deer in forest lifting one leg, and looking right at the camera, green branches on left side. What are 20 ways drones change the world?What are 20 ways drones change the world? –
Photo by  on  Deer in forest

Conservation Biologists have used drones to count, monitor and track animals in order to conduct research without disturbing their natural habitat. Drones can easily get to inaccessible areas.

With the use of night vision cameras and thermal cameras they can have access to a lot more information than ever before. Therefore keeping a close watch on the animal habitat, population, disease, and any other problem that may arise, without disturbing them.

5) Drones used for transporting people

Some drones have been designed to transport people. Of course, they are much bigger than the ones we usually see. Drones can be a very comfortable and practical means of transportation.

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Human – Carrying Drones Are Here | Top 5 Human Transport Drones.
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These drones have fantastic mind-blowing designs and when you first hear of them you might imagine that they could only exist in a science fiction movie. However, these drones are real and here are a few of them: The , , (CNN), etc. These types of vehicles can transport people to places where it is difficult to access.

6) Drones used to clean the environment

Aquatic drones have been used to clean the oceans from wastes. They are driven through the water like boats and they collect the trash through a front hole that they have.

China uses drones with flamethrowers to burn down the trash that gets stuck in power lines, preventing people who give maintenance from getting electrocuted and making the power lines more efficient. The flame is created with liquefied petroleum gas and the drone is operated by workers underneath the wires. The trash burns so quickly that no damage happens to the wires.

China also uses drones for (Time), they can detect illegal nighttime emissions from factories using infrared lights ans thermal imaging.

7) Drones used to aid farmers

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AllDroneSchool 20 ways drones change the world – DJI Agras MG-1S – Best Precision Agriculture Drone/Agricultural Crop Spray Drone
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20 ways drones change the world

We constantly have more people in the world and less farmlands available for food. This forces farmers to find better ways to grow crops. Drones have been used by farmers to gather information, make the repetitive processes more automatic, and make all the processes more efficient. They can even pollinate flowers. For example, the can spray substances to the crops in a fast and efficient way, and it is very easy to use. (See video above from YouTube for a demonstration and full review)

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8) Drones used in architecture and construction

Drones have been used in both architecture and construction for several years now. The photographs used in many renders of newly designed buildings have been taken with drones because they give more liberty of choosing different angles of the site, and this allows the client to fully understand the building.

Topographers could obtain very accurate information about a certain piece of land by using drones. They may even construct a 3-D model of the terrain. They use other tools, but drones could very easily be used in a recent future. For an architectural designer, having a 3-D model of the piece of land where a building is being designed is very important. If they don’t receive one, they will eventually have to do it on their own at some point.

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Construction Drones Changing the Face Of Industry KPIX CBS5 – AllDroneSchool

In construction, drones have been used to monitor buildings. They can get to areas that are difficult to photograph and give excellent information to work with. For example they can photograph details in the highest parts of the facade to look for any possible problems to solve.

Experimental drones in construction

Drones have been used experimentally in a university in Switzerland to lift and stack polymer bricks. However, cranes are used to carry heavy loads in constructions, and they can carry incredible amounts of weight. There would need to be a good reason to actually use drones instead of (or besides) cranes for carrying construction material. Maybe it could happen in the future, but not at the present moment.

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20 Ways Drones Change The World

BONUS: EXTRA: Drones used in Real Estate

overhead view of Real Estate property with pool, trees, and two buildings with road going around them. - 20 ways drones change the worldPhoto by: Carles Rebata – Unsplash – Real Estate property with pool.

Drones are also used by the real estate industry to photograph expensive properties. You could use Google Maps and Google Earth, but they only photograph the street view and the aerial information they provide is very vague to be able to study the detailed characteristics of the property. You can gather incredible amounts of information about any property and its surroundings by using drones. 

Urban planners have used drones to collect information used to understand their environments and execute improvements. They give better information and in a much cheaper way.

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9) Drones used for inspections

The use of drones to inspect telecommunication towers had proved to be very efficient because you can quickly locate and fix damages found. The drones give the information quickly, safely and cheaply. Their images are so accurate that they can show damages, structural details, and you can even see the serial numbers in the back of the antennas.

Drones inspecting bridges

Bridge over gorge with large rocky area on the left side, and the ocean and blue sky background.20 ways drones change the world. Photo by: Cody Hiscox – Unsplash Bridge over gorge .

With the many bridges in our world, many are deteriorating faster than they can be repaired, as many become unsafe to travel on. Drones can help inspect these bridges with detailed photos and video to help determine what steps to take to make the necessary repairs.

This is much safer than physically climbing a bridge with scaffolds. Would you like to climb the bridge in the photo on the right? Waterproof drones are used for bridges over large bodies of water.

Drones inspecting airplanes

Airplane Flying with a mix of clouds and blue sky. 20 ways drones change the world. Photo by  on  Airplane Flying.

Drones have also been used to inspect airplanes, in the same way. They can even create 3D models of an entire fleet. They can inspect every single detail of an airplane safely, quickly, accurately and cheaply. The video taken by the drone can be saved for future reference. You can also pause the video at any time and zoom in to see even greater detail.

Drones Inspecting ships

Cruise ship on water with blue sky and a few clouds - 20 ways drones change the worldPhoto by  on  – Cruise ship on water

There are many other objects that require inspection, and drones are used to do this task because of the many advantages they contribute to the task. These advantages are basically the same as the ones mentioned in the examples above. One of those types of objects is the infrastructure used to extract, refine, and transport oil and gas. Another one is the unmanned maritime ships, which need to be inspected from both above the water (with drones) and from below the water (with underwater drones). 

Drones may be used in a number of different situations involving hard to reach locations like the ones listed above, and including the roof of your home, tall skyscrapers, wind turbines, the Statue of Liberty, telephone poles, tall trees, etc.

20 ways drones change the world

10) Drones in manufacturing

Drones have been used in manufacturing for many activities, from discovering raw material to inspecting assembly lines, doing tasks that are too difficult for robots and too dangerous or complicated for humans. Drones can aid in the management activities by locating and measuring inventory in warehouses and fulfillment centers. 

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11) Drones used in sports

from on .

Drones can be used to enhance the digital coaching experience by following people as they exercise and collect information of their workouts. They can even guide blind people when they exercise. One camera follows the lines in the track and the other one follows the person. It flies about 10 ft. ahead of the person and can adjust its speed to the persons pace.

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12) Drones used in restaurants

Drones are used by some restaurants to deliver food through complicated terrain in a faster and cheaper way. They have even been used inside a restaurant in Singapore and in a Dutch university as drone waiters inside restaurants when they have staff shortage. They can carry up to 4.4 lb. of food and drink.

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Live Trial of Waiter Drones in Restaurants: Infinium-Serve

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13) Drones in the news

Drones have been used in the news, taking aerial videos that explain the context of the story. Helicopters are too big, noisy, and expensive, compared to drones. CNN is working on collecting information from its drones to create digital models of certain areas. It is using special cameras to detect people with thermal imaging, and has plans to use virtual reality cameras and live graphics overlay.

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ABC News CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, and most other networks use drones today to help cover news stories – 20 Ways Drones Change The World

14) Drones used in computer games

Drones are used as computer game components and as tools for developing computer games. They are sometimes used in drones races and high-tech battles using virtual reality. The Aerial Sports League has participated in drone games since 2012: drone combats and races. Drones are used by game creators to develop very realistic and detailed maps for their games.

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Drones used to help create video game D.R.O.N.E.

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15) Drones used to transport objects

Drones have been used to deliver packages from retailers to fulfillment centers. For example, DHL has had drones that deliver packages since 2013. The advantages of being able to deliver packages quickly and safely, regardless of the weather conditions and the difficulties of the terrains, are very helpful in a competitive market. Amazon Prime Air works with drones, too.

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Zipline drones deliver medicine with 100% accuracy.

Drones have even been used in rural regions to take medicine to difficult places when there is an emergency. Zipline drones are an example of this. When the drone arrives to the destination, it drops the package with the medicine with a paper parachute.

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16) Drones in space exploration

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NASA to send a drone to Saturn’s largest moon.

20 ways drones change the world

The NASA plans to send a drone to Mars to fly over complicated terrain in order to obtain information and find out if there ever was life on this planet. If it ends up being useful, it might be the beginning of an era where drones (and other aerial devices) would be used in space exploration. It is very possible that this will be the case.

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20 ways drones change the world – NASA Mars Helicopter Technology Demonstration

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17) Drones in education

Drones could be used in schools in the future. That depends on the teachers’ imagination to design a class where that technology is actually helpful. For starters, any activity where drones are used in a workplace can be taught by a teacher (not necessarily inside the classroom): how to take photos and video with drones, how to carry objects using drones, etc.

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Drones could also help by taking videos of specific places that you will rarely find on the Internet and using them as a visual aid for the class. Also drones can be used for taking aerial videos of an important school event to document school activities, etc.

18) Drones used as part of alarm systems

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KPIX CBS 5 – Home Security Reaches New Heights With Drones – AllDroneSchool

Drones are used by security companies, like Nightingale Security, to offer better observation systems. Drones are programmed to fly through repeated pathways daily. They can also be used to take video when an alarm is triggered.

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19) Drones used for light shows

Drones have been used to entertain with synchronized light shows, floating projection screens and drone puppeteers, It looks very similar to fireworks, in the sense that you are seeing dots of light forming figures in the sky. The main difference is that each firework lasts just for a few seconds and drones lasts for several minutes.

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Also fireworks have all the same basic shapes created with explosions and drones are controlled so that their alignments create different intelligible shapes, changing from one shape into the another. Drones can even create an image rotating in 3D in the sky. They can also turn their lights on and off whenever needed. It is a very impressive type of show.

20) Drones used for advertising

Drones have been used for advertising by carrying aerial advertising during live events or high traffic locations. Sometimes they can look like floating boxes with publicity written on the faces of the box (and the drone is inside the box). On other occasions, they look like banners or objects like spheres floating with the drone carrying it (in the upper part of the object).

Video can’t be loaded because jаvascript is disabled:

A Look At Drone Based Advertising | Marcelevision Media

The most modern form of advertising with drones is by having the drone fly and project a video on a large, flat object, like the wall of a building. Maybe someday there will be advertising through a drone light show (several drones aligning to form the logo or name of a brand). Related Article:

20 ways drones change the world – Conclusion:

Drones have altered our lives in many ways. It is really hard to imagine everything that a light weight and cheap flying vehicle with a camera can do. It’s even harder to realize how easier our lives can be with drones. If we stop to think about it for a while, we can think of many ways in which they make our lives a lot better. It is hard to define if this is the result of a great invention, of great marketing, or of both.

There are far more than 20 ways drones have (or will) change the world than the ones listed above, we have only scratched the surface, especially as drones are constantly evolving and perfecting their use.

But remember we cannot use drones freely anywhere we want. For example, it is not allowed to fly drones near airports because that can affect airplane traffic, cause an accident, and it is against the law in some countries, like England. Considering the minor limitations, we should all enjoy using drones and make them a part of our lives.

I recommend to go buy at least one drone, if you haven’t done so yet. Thanks for reading, and be sure you share my All Drone School article with someone. AJ

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What Are Drones Used For? UPDATED 43 Uses For Drones

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