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The Golden Eagle by Teal Drones: A Security Powerhouse

When it comes to security, drones are extremely handy. They can be deployed in seconds and can provide a better perspective of any scene. With the ability to carry multiple payloads, drones are a great tool for reconnaissance and . The Golden Eagle by could possibly replace several in the security sector. The Golden Eagle is an sUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) specially designed to meet security requirements. (Check out the )

The Golden Eagle

There are a number of drones qualified for use by law enforcement agencies. However, the Golden Eagle by Teal Drones outdoes many of its competitors. This drone is a balanced combination of stealth, endurance, and functionality. More than often, drones can be heard from a distance due to their noisy propulsion system. However, Teal puts great emphasis on the “near-silent” propulsion system of the Golden Eagle, thereby, making it suitable for stealthy operations.

The Golden Eagle has also been approved by the Pentagon for use by government agencies. The approval signifies the security the drone offers. At the top of the list of features is its military-grade encryption. Drones are, after all, susceptible to malicious attacks. Therefore, encryption algorithms like AES and SERPENT are often used to protect data from being stolen. The Golden Eagle is also equipped with AES 256 encryption. The drone has surpassed Department of Defense requirements, complying with section 848 of the FY20 NDAA.

The Golden Eagle by Teal Drones

Autonomous Flight & TAC

Talking about the payload, the Golden Eagle is armed with a swappable payload system that houses two cameras – a surveillance-grade 4K sensor and a flagship FLIR thermal sensor. This makes the drone efficient at data collection at both day and nighttime operations. The inclusion of AI in the onboard Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset makes the drone exceptionally powerful and intelligent. The drone comes with obstacle avoidance sensors, wide-angle visual-inertial odometry, and an AI system, which enables autonomous flight.

Teal Air Controller (TAC)

Coming to the controller, a powerful component of the Golden Eagle. Called the ), the drone’s controller is a robust and rugged system. The cutting-edge ground station controller promises low latency video and has a 10+ hour battery life. Additionally, the TAC can connect to any MAVLink compatible UAV.


  • Near-silent propulsion system
  • Section 848 of the FY20 NDAA compliant
  • Military-Grade Encryption (AES 256)
  • Powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor
  • Swappable payload: 4K sensor and FLIR thermal imaging sensor
  • Obstacle Avoidance and Onboard AI for Autonomous Flight
  • Max. Flight Time of 50 minutes
  • Max. Speed of 50 MPH (80.46 km/h)
  • Operational range: 2+ miles (over 3.2 km)
  • Wind Resistance of 30+ MPH

“Golden Eagle is the system we’ve always wanted to build. It’s the culmination of five years of work to bring to market a combined hardware and software platform that maintains the ethos of Teal One, but with new industrial-grade technology ready for the most demanding aerial operations,” said George Matus, founder, and CEO of Teal. “From the beginning, we’ve worked to build unmanned systems to be more than just flying cameras. Golden Eagle fulfills that vision and more, equipping businesses and government agencies alike with a scalable, secure, and rugged system that keeps them informed and protected in the field.”

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