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The Best Fatshark FPV Goggles of 2021

If you’re a beginner FPV pilot or a seasoned one, a good pair of FPV goggles is essential. While you can manage on an FPV monitor but it isn’t enough for an immersive experience. makes one of the best goggles in the market. Headsets by Fatshark have been sported by professional pilots from the (DRL). Therefore, we’ve put together the best Fatshark headsets to choose from.


Fatshark’s are one of the best FPV goggles out there. They pack several crucial features and provide a highly immersive experience. The Scout makes use of a patented optical panel that provides a crisp 1136 x 640 resolution at 60fps. The headset is not completely sleek or too bulky. It lies somewhere in the middle with ample surface area and a comfortable fit.

Fatshark Scout FPV Goggles

The headset is equipped with a diversity receiver (RX) module for low latency and smooth performance. Additionally, it features loads of user controls such as channel & band selection, volume control, fan control, DVR control, clock settings, and much more. The Scout is a high-performance FPV headset at a relatively economical price suited for both professionals as well as beginners.

Price: $199 ()

Spec Sheet

Field of View (FOV)50° (Fifty Degrees)
Display4 inch TFT display
Resolution1136 x 640
Digital Video Recorder (DVR)Analog DVR with MicroSD support up to 64 GB
Battery2600 mAh
Weight336.5 g

2. HDO 2

The Fatshark is the company’s premium and high-end FPV goggles for professionals. Hence, it can get pricey. From the best-in-class display to a fully customizable headset, the HDO 2 has got it all. This headset is made keeping in mind professional FPV racers. A slim and lightweight design ensures comfort and concentration during races.

Fatshark HDO 2 FPV Goggles

The optical panel of the HDO 2 is lit up using two Sony 0.5 inch 1280 x 960 OLED panels. Display customization is also possible using various mode selection controls. Additional customization options include adjustable IPD (Inter-Pupillary Distance), adjustable faceplate curvature, image ration selection (16:9 or 4:3), and a configurable power button.

Price: $499 ()

Spec Sheet

Field of View (FOV)46° (Forty-Six Degrees)
DisplayTwo Sony 0.5 inch OLED Panels
Resolution1280 x 960
Digital Video Recorder (DVR)Analog DVR with MicroSD support up to 32 GB
Battery7.4V, 1.8A 18650 Battery Case
Weight206.8 g

3. Dominator HD3

The is a popular FPV goggle offered by Fatshark. A refined upgrade over the previous HD2, this headset is equipped with several great features and user controls. Starting with a low profile faceplate design, and a precise & comfortable fit, thanks to its new replaceable foam pads. The HD3 is also aimed at professional FPV racers. The headset has a crystal clear 800 X 600 (SVGA) LCD display.

Fatshark Dominator HD3 FPV Goggles

The HD3 has a 16:9 aspect ratio in HD mode while 4:3 in analog mode. Other features include integrated analog DVR, customizable IPD, mini HDMI input, cooling fan for the faceplate, and much more. The HD3 essentially combines the best features of the V3 and HD2 goggles. It is also one of the lightest FPV headsets. However, the HD3 does not retail cheap and you will also require a receiver and antenna, which is sold separately.

Price: $399 ()

Spec Sheet

Field of View (FOV)42° (Forty-Two Degrees)
Display(SVGA) LCD display
Resolution800 X 600 
Digital Video Recorder (DVR)Analog DVR with MicroSD support up to 32 GB
Battery1800 mAh
Weight152 g


The is an exceptional mid-range FPV headset. It combines a lot of features seen on other models into a compact form factor. The Attitude V6 comes with diversity receivers for lower latency, selectable image ratios, and a vivid 1280 x 960 LCOS display. Additionally, the V6 is also compatible with Fatshark’s for 720p video at 60fps.

Fatshark Attitude V6 FPV Goggles

While the Attitude V6 lacks in field of view and screen size, it makes up for performance and customization. The headset has an adjustable IPD, adjustable diopters (+2 to -6), DVR control, fan-cooled faceplate, expanded display control menu, and a fully configurable power button.

Price: $349 ()

Spec Sheet

Field of View (FOV)39° (Thirty-Nine Degrees)
DisplayTwo Citizen 0.4” LCOS Displays
Resolution1280 x 960
Digital Video Recorder (DVR)Analog DVR with MicroSD support up to 32 GB
Battery1800 mAh
Weight199 g


The is one of the best entry-level FPV goggles by Fatshark. If you’re just a beginner and don’t want to spend a fortune on FPV headsets, then the Recon V3 is a great choice. It offers a great combination of an affordable price, ultra-immersive 55° FOV, and a large battery. The only trade-off about this goggle is its bulky design which may get uncomfortable after some time.

Fatshark Recon V3 FPV Goggles

Despite being in the low price segment, the Recon V3 does not omit features like the onboard DVR and OSD. It is equipped with an 800 x 480 TFT resolution display for a crisper image. Its wireless receiver supports up to 40 channels with an auto-scan feature. Overall the Recon V3 is beginner-friendly and made for ease of use.

Price: $119 ()

Spec Sheet

Field of View (FOV)55° (Fifty Five Degrees)
DisplayWQVGA 4.3 inch display
Resolution800 x 480
Digital Video Recorder (DVR)Analog DVR with MicroSD support up to 32 GB
Battery2600 mAh
Weight500 g

Final Thoughts

Deciding which FPV goggles to buy can be confusing. There are several companies out there with similar products which are equally great. Fatshark has consistently been one of the go-to brands of professional FPV racers. If you’re into FPV racing, the headsets listed above are the frontline pilot essentials.

Apart from the ones listed above, the company also makes several beginner-friendly and affordable goggles. You can check them out on . Lastly, buying an FPV headset is a personal choice and you should try out which one fits and works the best for you. You can also glance at our if you haven’t already.

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