Best Rechargeable DAB Radio in 2021

Radios have existed for many years, and would not go extinct anytime soon, especially with the development of new types of radio technologies like Digital Audio Broadcasting or DAB. There are plenty of DAB options for radio lovers, and we have tested, researched and reviewed the best five rechargeable radios according to different categories to make selection easier.

There are additional features of DAB radios such as them doubling up as music speakers or alarm clock, their ease of use and battery life that you should consider before picking. And that’s what we did with the five radios listed in this article.

Before we get into the details let’s take a quick look at the top picks:

  • Top Pick – “Sound quality is amazing for such a small unit. It has surprising bass, and plenty of detail in all other areas”
  • Runner up – “Bought this little radio to help me get though some laborious gardening duties. Has worked really well”
  • Best Sound – “accessible and intuitive when looking for stations, has good quality sound and is solidly made
  • Best Battery Life – “Crystal clear reception, very nice sound quality, a very sturdy conception with a vintage look and feel that blends well in my kitchen”
  • Most Portable – “this really is radio on-the-go. Just charge it up and use. It weighs only 100 grams but is very functional”

Top Pick –

Top Features

  • Bluetooth
  • 120 preset radio stations
  • Mobile App for streaming
  • 20,000+ Internet radio stations
  • Music support: MP3/WMA/FLAC/AAC/ALAC
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 2600 mAh battery

The is our best pick because it ticks many boxes. This radio is very versatile in functions, usability, and music/radio range. Asides from being able to function as an alarm clock, it serves as a DAB, FM, or internet radio with thousands of radio stations. In terms of usability, it has clear control buttons and additional control options using your phone or a remote.

It doubles up as a speaker for music connection, either by streaming music using WiFi or Ethernet, or using Bluetooth, USB, and Spotify. The sound and battery life are equally spectacular and the radio gives you almost everything you could ask for.


  • Multiple music/radio options
  • Extra attachable battery pack for longer hours, although at an extra cost.
  • Controls: smartphone, buttons, or remote
  • Radio or buzzer alarms
  • Battery life of 6-10 hours


  • No search option for navigation
  • Network timeouts
  • No backlight in the display

What Users Say

Most of the users of this product have great feedback and no regrets. While some users complained about cases where they cannot successfully connect to the internet and the lack of a backlight, a bulk of them praise the sound and versatility that the Roberts Stream 94i offers. It meets their DAB radio needs by giving them access to lots of radio stations and music options with ease.

Runner up –

Top Features

  • 30 DAB and 30 FM presets, also DAB+
  • 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • 3.5mm jack for headphone connection
  • Sleep timer
  • USB charging

This radio fits the ideal description of what a DAB radio should do. It gives a wide range of radio options and it’s also the best for poor reception areas. While the radio might not have as many features as our top pick, like WiFi and music streaming, it’s a great radio if you want something that can serve you indoor and outdoor.

With its portable design, you can carry it around while listening through its earphone connector. To further give the personal touch, the I-Star gives you up to 60 presets so you can easily locate and play your favorites. The sound is everything to write home about and the battery life is fair as well for a radio its size.


  • Allows you to store your favorite stations for quick navigation
  • Earphones for personal use
  • Great reception


  • Can be quite loud even at its lowest
  • The display is quite small and hard to read
  • Needs constant recharging with its 1200mAh battery that last only about 5 hours.

What Users Say

While some users have complained that the volume is too loud, most agree that the sound quality is very good. Users consider the radio’s reception exceptional as many comments mentioned that it provided reception for them in areas their previous radios could not, thereby surpassing their expectations. Users also agree that it’s very easy to use and portable.

Best Sound –

Top Features

  • DAB / DAB+ / FM Radio
  • Bluetooth and auxiliary port for music
  • LED Display
  • Alarm Clock
  • 20 preset station
  • Auto-Tune and equalizer settings

The radio gives a splendid sound. It goes an extra mile with its equalizer that allows smooth tuning of your sound to rock, jazz, blues, or pop. Although the radio stations are limited, it makes up by being a music player via Bluetooth or an auxiliary connection to your device. Another enjoyable thing about the radio is its display; the display gives full information like time, radio mode, station, song, genre, frequency, etc. It’s a great choice if you want a DAB radio that is easy to use, has a sleek design and gives you great sound quality.


  • Equalizer setting
  • Serves as a speaker
  • Quality sound and autotune function
  • Battery life of 12-15 hours


  • No  external connections
  • Limited  radio stations

What Users Say

The sound quality is one thing that most users compliment. The fact that the radio auto-tunes well gives satisfaction to the users alongside the great display that only a few DAB radios have. Users also fancy the design of this radio and say that it blends well with their surroundings irrespective of the room setting that they put it in. Few users complain about the reception of this radio, although this is not common to all users.

Best Battery Life –

Top Features

  • 20 hours battery life after full charge
  • 6 FM + 6 DAB station presets
  • FM / DAB / DAB+
  • Bluetooth compatible

The battery life of the stands out among others by giving you up to 20 hours of listening time. It’s also a great radio for sound quality even though the station memory is quite low. The design of this radio is a major plus; asides from the aluminum material and portability, the buttons are well placed and easy to maneuver which makes its usability very good. The design makes it pass off as one of the best pocket radios with Bluetooth as well.


  • Bass radiator for sound
  • Great design and usability
  • Long battery life (20 hours)


  • Low station memory
  • Limited screen display

What Users Say

One thing users complained about was the display which makes it hard to see full information on the screen or store their presets.  Some other users also complained about its reception although this was not a common problem. Irrespective, many users appreciated the battery life of the radio, admitting that it gave them long hours such that it could serve them when going for a weekend trip or other long term activities. Users also like the sound and design of the radio.

Most Portable –

Top Features

  • Very portable
  • DAB/DAB+ digital radio and FM
  • 20 station Presets
  • LCD Display
  • Anti-shock lock switch
  • Clock and Sleep timer
  • Up to 8 hours battery life.
  • Dimensions: 9 x 5.1 x 1.6 cm

Beyond being a very portable DAB radio weighing only 100 grams, the sound quality and 10-hour battery life of this radio is also much better than many of its counterparts. The radio is designed like an iPod or petite phone with an anti-shock panel which makes it a perfect choice for you if you perform physical activities like exercises or move around frequently – it also serves as a sleep timer and clock.

The radio uses its earphone cord for aerial which means you can’t use it without being connected to an earphone or a speaker. However, it’s still a perfect pocket-size radio. One other thing it doesn’t have is Bluetooth connectivity, the could fit as the best pocket radio with Bluetooth if you’re particular about that, but if not, the is the best option if you want a mobile radio that gives you the DAB quality you need.


  • Anti-shock panel for rough activities
  • Up to 20 presets
  • Great sound quality
  • Power-bank compatible
  • Battery life of 8 hours


  • Cannot use without an earphone
  • Cannot use as a music player/speaker
  • No Bluetooth

What Users Say

Users of this radio love just how portable it is, you can get a full charge within 2 hours and the fact that the battery lasts up to 8 hours long goes beyond their expectations. While some have complained about how the radio is unusable without a compatible earphone, most others commend the radio and say they would buy it again. The fact that the radio is perfect for their daily activities irrespective of the kind is a major plus for users according to their reviews.

How we picked the top products


For any rechargeable DAB radio, the battery life matters a whole lot. We understand that you would not be able to enjoy your radio to its maximum capacity if it constantly goes out of battery while you are using. The radios selected are those that have battery life of at least 5 hours, and up to 20 hours, or that charges super-fast so you can really enjoy your radio.


We considered the ease of using these radios and their customer service in terms of user manual and feedback on requests. For the five radios mentioned, there’s a user manual attached, and in the case of issues, there are options for refunds, swapping, or reaching customer care to help.


One of the most important things that matter to everyone buying a radio is the sound quality and we understand that. To select these five, we considered how good their sound quality is. While sound preference might differ, these five have sound quality that is great and meets the sound desires of most people.


We also considered the versatility of these radios. Extra features like connections, alarms, and sleep timers were all checked before picking these devices. It’s important that you find a radio that suits the exact need you want and we took that into consideration while selecting them.


One major qualification for each selected item was the user reviews and experience. No one knows a product more than those who have used the products. We selected the products that previous users have found to be useful and adequate in meeting their needs.


If you’re a radio lover, you don’t have to change that for anything and whatever your radio needs are, you will find a rechargeable DAB radio suitable for you. These five categories give you your best options and make it easier for you to find what fits your preference.

  • Top Pick –
  • Runner up –
  • Best Sound –
  • Best Battery Life –
  • Most Portable –

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