Creative Direct Mail Strategies You Can Implement

In a business world where digital advertising and email marketing is king, it is easy to forget about direct marketing. However, if used correctly, it is still a very valuable and effective marketing tool. Direct mail is a tangible method of achieving business to consumer and business to business sales. However, to take your business to the next level and make it stand out, you need to get creative. 

Here, we look at some ways of making your direct mail a little more fun and a little more creative so that you are memorable to your customers. 

Creative Direct Mail Strategies You Can Implement
Creative Direct Mail Strategies You Can Implement

Thank you cards

Thankyou cards are appreciated by everyone but are rarely sent out anymore, especially by businesses. Restart the trend and send out personalized thank you cards or notes to customers. This will make them feel valued, remind them of who you are and gain a loyal customer base.

Interactive post

You can get really creative here. Who is to say that direct mail has to be on paper? Send your promotions or offers on a balloon which involves them having to blow it up to read the message, scratch cards, lift the flap, invisible ink to be warmed on the radiator – the only thin limiting here is your imagination. The more creative, the more memorable it will be.

Funky mail

Think about what your mailbox looks like after the mailman or woman has been. We bet it’s mostly rectangular envelopes in white or grey. Why not make your mail stand out amongst the boring stuff? Brightly coloured envelopes, interesting shapes, perhaps even different materials will make it pop out in a pile of dullness. 

QR codes

We have all seen those little barcodes that you are encouraged to scan with your phone or tablet, right? Well, they can really go a long way when it comes to business. They encourage offline customers to connect with online content. Find out How to make QR code, have them printed onto your direct mail and link it to your website, social media pages, business app, newsletter sign up page or feedback page. If all they have to do is scan a QR code rather than type in or find you, they are more likely to engage with the content.

Be funny

This can be a tricky one because humor is subjective. There have been instances where a business has used humor and not quite read their audience right or got the tone correct and it has backfired. However, if you do your research and plan it carefully, a bit of humour will put a smile on your recipients face and make them more likely to remember you

Send them a birthday card

To do this, you will need some information about them – their name, address and birthday, so this is one to use after you have captured them on your marketing list already. Send out personalised birthday cards on their birthday, perhaps with a free gift or discount code. 

If done correctly, direct mail can be just as effective, if not more so, than digital marketing and email. See how creative you can get on your next campaign. 

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Best Countries to Retire in From US in 2020


With more 10,000 Americans going to retire daily in America, those approaching the retirement years ought to make prior arrangements on where you wish to stay upon retirement. The place in which one desires to spend his/ her life after retirement is one of the essential considerations. The following is an articulated guide to help you make informed decisions on the best countries to retire in from the US.

Do You Wish to Retire in Latin America?

 If one of your dreams has been to retire in one of the countries in Latin America, well, sit, and relax, as I take you through the best Countries there. With eye-catching steamy beaches, as well as pocket-friendly accommodation, the following countries will surely be impressive for you.

Retire in Panama

If you are looking for a country that is easy for you to move to, then Panama is one of them. As the experts elaborate, the currency there is the US dollar. That means that you will never have trouble adjusting, considering that you have lived in America.

The largest population of the people living in Panama speaks English. That means that you will not have to go through the trouble of learning a new language. The country has many impressive types of scenery and has amazing places for sports lovers. Are you a goffer or a tennis player? Well, Panama will not disappoint.

Retire in Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is one of the safest places in Latin America, as it is also known as the Switzerland of Latin America. The banking system and services are impeccable, and that is something you can trust with your wealth.

Costa Rica is famous for its low cost of living as compared to many countries in Europe. With only $ 1,500, you have settled your monthly expenditure. Healthcare is a sensitive matter, and Costa Rica puts that into consideration. All residents can access universal health care by contributing between 7 % and 11% of their monthly wage.

Do you Prefer Retiring to a Country in Europe?

For anyone living in any country that speaks English like the US as an immigrant, Europe is perfect to live upon retirement. It is a Continent that has a good reputation in its health care system. You can move to any of the following countries and have a peaceful old age life.

Retire in Portugal

The country has proper structures put in place to ensure that health care services are at their best. The climate is excellent and comfortable to live there. Are you a fan of seafood? Well, Portugal has exceptional seafood for you. Portugal is famous for cities like Porto and Lisbon, which have excellent beaches.

Retire in Spain 

Spain is another great country to live in as an immigrant. It neighbors Portugal, and so the environment is quite similar. Just like Portugal, Spain has impressive beaches, and the culture is almost the same as Spain’s. As compared to Portugal, the cost of living is cheaper when you move to Spain.

Retire in France 

It is one of the smallest, with an excellent health care system. The transportation system is impressive and convenient, with four international airports. France is famous for a decent quality of life, with exceptional foods. It is a peaceful country for immigrants to live in, with cities like Angers as well as Limoges.

Retire in Italy

In conclusion, there are countless countries that you can retire to and have the life you ever dreamed of living. To help you do further exploration, you can visit retire in Italy from US

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10 Things To Consider Before You Buy A Car

Many people nowadays are car enthusiasts – but have never owned a car themselves. Especially those of the younger generation, who have seen harsh economic circumstances for the majority of their adult lives, they may not have been able to buy a car until now. With the advancement of public transport services around the world and increasing environmental consciousness, cars are now being seen as a luxury, rather than an essential. 

When you do decide to take the plunge and buy your first car, there are many things to consider. If you’ve had cars in the past, you may not be aware of all that’s on offer in our contemporary society. Technology has advanced beyond what we ever could have imagined; cars nowadays are so much more than essential vehicles that get you from A to B. Here are ten things to consider when buying your new car. 

1. Re-Sale Value

When buying a new, expensive thing – whether it’s a house, a car, a computer or television – you probably aren’t thinking about selling it in the future. The excitement of having a shiny new “toy” can cloud people’s judgement when it comes to a long-term plan. Although now you may not be able to foresee ever selling your vehicle, things change, and in the future, you might need to upgrade, or downgrade, your car. In that case, considering the resale value of your car is essential before you buy it. Is the make of the car a reputable one? Is the car likely to last a long time?

2. Second-Hand Buying

You may never have thought to buy a second-hand car – but think again. Well-restored vintage cars and recently owned modern ones are both excellent options when it comes to buying a car. If the car has been well maintained, it is unlikely to be worn out by its first owner. Cars are meant to last a long time; they are built for endurance and longevity. A second-hand car could give you years and years of great driving.

Plus, of course, there is the expense. Second-hand cars are much cheaper than brand new ones, and if you don’t travel many miles, you may not need a brand new car on your driveway. Consider buying a second-hand car!

3. Anti-Theft Devices

In the last twenty years or so, anti-theft has become a major concern of most car owners. Using technology, there are so many ways to ensure your car is safe from break-ins and theft. Some modern anti-theft devices are:

  • Electronic tracking system. Getting a tracking device for your car helps if your car does get stolen. Using GPS technology, your car can be tracked anywhere in the world, so if it’s stolen, you can help the authorities track it down. 

  • Steering lock and tire locks. These are more old-fashioned but still in use because they’re so effective. 

  • Cameras. Installing a webcam device in your car usually deters people from breaking in. They don’t want to be caught on camera taking your vehicle! If you can’t afford a proper surveillance system, many people use baby monitors. 

Other surprising anti-theft devices are personalised number plates. Often, if someone witnesses a car being stolen as quick as a flash, they don’t have time to note down the plate. However, with a personalised plate, it’s super easy to remember and relay to the authorities. On top of this, many thieves are put off by personalised plates for this exact reason!

10 Things To Consider Before You Buy A Car
10 Things To Consider Before You Buy A Car

4. Advanced GPS Systems

We all remember the days where, if you got lost, you’d pull out your huge map from the back seat and sit in a layby examining it in detail. This slowed everything down and made life quite frustrating at times! Nowadays, of course, GPS exists, and the days of confusing maps are far behind us. 

Many people nowadays use their smartphones for GPS while driving. Although there are safety holders for phones that are used for this exact purpose, it is still not a particularly safe practice. When you’re buying your new car, it’s best to opt for one with built-in GPS. Your car can navigate you safely, and remember your past locations, so you’re never caught fumbling with your phone – which is both unsafe and impractical. 

5. Fuel Efficiency

The environment is one of the most important issues we face in our world. The last century has seen global warming hit record highs, and every single year, we count down the clock until our world is irreparably damaged. For car owners and new car buyers, the environment should be a priority when deciding which car to buy. 

A great many people buy cars which are more powerful than they need. Offroaders such as Range Rovers have become fashionable and popular among those who live in cities, and aren’t in need of such big vehicles. While your car is your choice alone, and you are free to choose whatever type of vehicle you want, it is advisable to consider the environmental impact of your car.

Modern cars are becoming more and more fuel-efficient. On top of this, hybrid cars are ever-popular, and electric cars are increasing their accessibility. No matter who you are and what vehicle needs you have, there are fuel-efficient options to help you help the environment as much as possible. 

10 Things To Consider Before You Buy A Car
10 Things To Consider Before You Buy A Car

6. Leasing

If you’ve never considered leasing a car, you should do some research. Buying a car is extremely expensive; countless people avoid buying a car even if they need one, purely because the initial cost is too great. Leasing is a perfect option for those who can’t afford to pay out many thousands of pounds in one large purchase.

Lease-to-buy or Lease-Purchase is when you pay a monthly fee towards eventually owning your car. It is similar to renting a car, paying monthly instead of buying the car all at once, except once you’ve paid off the cost, the car is yours to keep. 

10 Things To Consider Before You Buy A Car
10 Things To Consider Before You Buy A Car

7. Maintenance

Buying a car is one thing; maintaining it is another. When researching different makes and models of cars, spend some time looking at how the car company continues its service to its customers. Many companies offer a bespoke maintenance service that is dedicated to fixing your car with only model-specific parts. As a customer of that car company, you are prioritised in having your car running smoothly at all times. 

Regular maintenance can be expensive but is extremely important. If you ignore your car’s problems to the last minute, you could be putting yourself and others in harm’s way. If you notice a problem, or a check-engine light flashes up on your dashboard, check it out immediately. You could be saving your own life, or somebody else’s. 

When you buy your car, make sure to enquire about the maintenance options available from that specific brand or dealership. 

8. Insurance Costs

The cost of your car insurance will have a number of contributing factors. Depending on the country you live in, these are varied. Some widespread criteria for insurance applications are gender, age, how long you’ve been driving and, crucially, the car you drive. If you are a young driver who chooses a powerful car, your insurance is likely to be very high. If you are looking for low insurance costs, it is important you check out your potential insurance policy for the new car you are considering. 

Bringing down your insurance is also about safe driving. If you have been involved in an accident or had many speeding tickets, your insurance can be hiked up. 

9. Your Local Climate

When investing in a car, the climate is a very important factor. Some car brands specialise in designing cars that can weather harsh and extreme conditions. If you live in a particularly cold climate, ensure that you invest in accessories for your car that help it cope with the climate. Examples of these are specialised tyres, snow chains, anti-freeze and heated seats. Not only are these easier for your car, but are also essential for your safety when driving on icy roads. 

Hot climates also pose risks to cars and car owners. If you have a dog, for example, make sure you buy a car which you can easily transport them while keeping them cool, using powerful air conditioning. Never leave your dog in a hot car, even just for a few minutes! Additionally, you could invest in a soft-top car or a car with a sunroof, to keep you cool as you drive

10 Things To Consider Before You Buy A Car
10 Things To Consider Before You Buy A Car

10. Appearance

Although this is the least important factor, it’s vital that you take pride in your vehicle. Cars are expensive and if you use it often, feeling happy with how it looks from the outside shouldn’t be underestimated. Getting the most out of your car means being proud to show it off, anywhere and everywhere you go. 

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3 Ways Your Business Should Protect Itself Online

The online world is a scary place, and you need to do what you can to ensure that your business is protected from it. Obviously, it is never going to be possible to ensure that your business is 100% safe, but you can still put all the necessary measures in place to make it as safe as possible. If you don’t know what these are, then it’s a good thing that you have come across this article because we are going to be looking at three of the things you can do. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

3 Ways Your Business Should Protect Itself Online
3 Ways Your Business Should Protect Itself Online

Only Hire The Best

Something that you’re going to need to do is ensure you are only hiring the best. Now, it’s not always easy to know who is the best, even with all the information at your fingertips but you’re going to have to make do. Hire the person that you think is going to be the best fit for your business, and the best fit for the position overall. By doing this, you can be sure that your business has protection if something goes wrong. Someone who is experienced in the IT world will know what to do to prevent disaster from striking, and also know what to do if it does.

Or, if you don’t want to hire someone full-time for your company, then you can always look into outsourcing. If you want to look into software development outsourcing trends, you will see that IT is one of the most commonly outsourced departments in business. It seems the reason for this is that you know experts are handling your tech and online presence, so there it’s not something that you have to worry about.

Look Into Security Options

Another thing that you should be doing is looking into security options. You need to make sure that you are taking all the necessary precautions to protect your tech and the data that is held on it. This includes using firewalls, antivirus software, antimalware software and anything else that can be used for protection. Cybercrime is on the rise, and it is a serious threat, but your business won’t be able to function without tech, which is why you can’t just get rid of it. Instead, you’ve just got to protect it the best you can, and security is one way to do this.

Bring Your Own Devices

You can also look into implementing a bring your own device scheme to work. Employees use their own devices rather than one being provided by you. If you have a policy like this, it will protect your business from legal repercussions. You should have a policy that clearly sets out any information about pertinent data deletion, location tracking, and Internet monitoring issues at least. Your business is safer is your employees are using their own laptops and tech.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now know three ways your business should be protecting itself online. Thanks for reading, and make sure to take this advice.

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Creators Can Now Respond To Comments On Youtube With AI-Generated Smart Replies

Why talk with your fans and audience when a robot can do it for you? Yes, you have heard correct creators can easily respond to their audience without typing them manually, it can easily be done with AI-generated smart replies.

Sources say that Google is recently working on a new feature in which YouTube creators can easily be able to engage with their audience and reply to them very quickly without any disturbance. The company is actually going to roll out with Smart Reply feature- an AI-generated feature through which people can easily reply to the audience even without typing. Moreover, the replies given will be very much appropriate and correct, YouTube Studio said all this. Let’s discuss more what implementation looks like:

Likewise Smart reply for Gmail, YouTube smart reply is also going to support multiple language systems, this means that replies can easily be done in different types of languages without even typing. But for the time being, it will only work in English and Spanish, still, Google can add more options in the future. Moreover, through a blog post, Google Researchers told that they are going to come with a new language processing model that will help in the emoji usage on YouTube.

Creators Can Now Respond To Comments On Youtube With AI-Generated Smart Replies
Creators Can Now Respond To Comments On Youtube With AI-Generated Smart Replies

As we already know that emails have long, dominated and formal language replies, but YouTube replies are not going to similar to this. YouTube comments are going to have more complex language switching, slangs, usage of punctuations, heavy utilization of emojis, abbreviated words, and many more. Furthermore, the researchers added that they are very finely tuned to work on smart reply so that creators can easily reply without actually engaging with. But remember that this feature of YouTube is going to work only for a few comments.

Google actually keeps on experimenting like this and has said that we are looking forward to update the GBoards, so that people can easily complete sentences without even typing. Hence, they are going to experiment with this for GBoards of Telegram and Whatsapp. Hence, this is all, just stay connected to have more details about this smart feature of YouTube.

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Verizon Has Added Some Free Disney+, Hulu Streaming To Fios Packages

Verizon is considered to as one of the top Engadget parent company, recently, they have launched a new deal to try entice people with the Fios service of them. After the promotion of Disney+ telecom, last year announced that all the customers there are going to have 12 months of Hulu free subscription when they will subscribe to this one of the most expensive home internet tiers that are Verizon’s.

Currently, the company is having a plan in which you will have to pay $60 per month and then have six months of free Hulu with this subscription. In addition, this plan will offer you one year of Disney+ service as well and that too free of cost. Moreover, there is another plan also in which the person will have to pay $80 per month and can have streaming on both Hulu and Disney+. Therefore, these are the best features the people can get, additionally, Gigabit subscribers can also have free router rental and a complimentary stream TV. But the set-top-box for the TV is going to cost around $70 separately. Ergo, this is going to save unlimited cellular data from the carrier, if you bundle.

Verizon Has Added Some Free Disney+, Hulu Streaming To Fios Packages
Verizon Has Added Some Free Disney+, Hulu Streaming To Fios Packages

Probing further, a couple of conditions should be there in the mind of people before using, have a look to know about these conditions. First, thing is that the Hulu subscription gives access to the platform’s ad-supported tier and is not a more expensive ad-free plan. Furthermore, you should also know that the base plan 200 Mbps plan, worth $40 is not at all included in this deal, however, there will still be a one year free Disney+ subscription.

The other things that should also be noted by you are that you should cancel included Disney+ and Hulu subscriptions if you are not interested in paying till the time they roll out free for you. If you will not do so, then they will renew automatically and you will have to pay$13 per month together. Lastly, we would like to say that this promotion is going to end on September 23rd, 2020, after that only the trials will be redeemed. Ergo, stay connected to more about all this.

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How To Foster Team Spirit When Working From Home

We are living in strange times right now. Businesses have been closed up and down the country and half of those that can stay open are on skeleton staff with a lot of social distancing. Half of the country is worrying about the pandemic and the other half? Not so much. However, if you are the head of a business that has decided to work from home and keep your staff safe, then kudos to you! You’re adhering to science and listening to how you and make sure that your team is as healthy and well as possible, and that’s a big part of being a good employer.

It’s not easy to send your workforce to work from home. You have to manage their workload from a distance, and you don’t get that usual satisfaction of overseeing how well your people are doing. The thing is, working from home your staff get a new lease of life. You don’t have to manage their workload, they can do it themselves. You don’t have to oversee how they’re doing; the results will be in the work that’s getting done vs the work that isn’t. Half the battle for a leader when allowing their staff to work from home is in actually allowing them to work. There is an element of control that you will be letting go of when you let people in your business work remotely, and that can be a tough pill to swallow. Similarly, your staff have to get used to a new normal

Without people to work next to each day, working remotely can be a pretty lonely experience. You miss the camaraderie and the fun you can have in the day to day office environment. It’s not all work, you know. There’s the shared jokes and the shared wins as much as there are the losses in a business, and as a team, you share it all together. The highs and lows are assumed to be far harder to deal with when you’re all split up. The thing is, this isn’t the case! Working remotely doesn’t mean that you stop being a team. It’s natural to miss the people you work with, but through careful hard work, you can ensure that the people who work with you are just as close to you when working remotely. People forget how much they value spending time with their team and it’s only apparent after they’ve spent weeks in lockdown.

How To Foster Team Spirit When Working From Home
How To Foster Team Spirit When Working From Home

When you work from home, you’re choosing to do something that is no longer a luxury – it’s necessary. It’s also necessary for your staff to be safe and still earn money at the same time. The biggest question that you need to ask yourself is how you can continue to foster great team spirit when you’re all working away from each other. The good news is that it’s not too hard to do it. Businesses around the world are currently adapting really well to flexible remote working, and you may find that even when the pandemic has lifted, that you allow some staff to continue to work at home. Those who are around their families more, with extra time to do the school run, are often those who appreciate working from home. As their boss, you can encourage them to continue if it’s making them happy. This leads to more loyal and determined individuals working for your business. 

When you embrace collaborative technology to connect with those who work with you, you are shifting into a new business era. It can teach you to change the way that you do a lot of things. You may choose to invest in LMS software consulting so that you can train your staff while they’re at home and you can even help your staff to be far more productive at home. The goal is to keep people safe and healthy while they work, and you can ensure that the experience that they have with home working is a productive and happy one with the right tools. When you use the right tools for home working, your team remains efficient and that can help them to want to continue to work well. So, what can you achieve when you have your business working remotely?

  1. When your people work from home, you lower your overheads dramatically. There’s not a need for office supplies or spaces anymore on a long-term basis. You may supply your team with some equipment to work from home, but in the main, you are dealing with spending much less money. It’s a far more eco-friendly way of working, too, as you no longer have to worry about piles of waste from the office.

  2. Remote working offers both you and your team the chance to be more flexible. You can offer a positive impact on the morale of your team, and you lower their day to day stress, too. There’s no one storming in from a bad commute and coming in a bad mood every day. There’s also the freedom for your staff to schedule necessary appointments for their health. They can’t often do this without costing themselves some money. You’re preventing the office from contracting a bug just by ensuring people are working in the comfort of their own home. 

  3. Remote working allows you to cast a much wider net with your talent pool. You can go beyond the locals and hire globally if you want to, which can have a positive impact on your staff. 

  4. Working remotely also allows you to be more responsive to your team. You can ensure that people are available in any timezone, and that means a more accessible service for customers. This extension of your business hours makes a huge difference in both your customer support and your sales, and it can give you the chance to have a 24/7 business in a lot of cases.

  5. Communication is often a challenge in the mind of the management teams for those working from home. The thing is, you can make communication much easier for remote teams. With the available programs and apps for video and live chat, you can always be in touch with your team.

How To Foster Team Spirit When Working From Home
How To Foster Team Spirit When Working From Home

The mental health of your staff is an important consideration when you are leading a remote team. Loneliness is a factor to consider. People are working alone and that can take a toll, and that means that you need to do all that you can to foster a good team spirit. You have to make the best of your situation here, and that means being as proactive as possible with your team. So, let’s talk about how you can make sure that your team knows that you are there for them – remote working or not.

  • Daily Calls

You may not have time to talk to every single staff member in your organization every single day. However, you do have time to put in a call to your team leaders. If you have a customer service team, speak to the team leader and get some feedback from them as to how everyone is doing. Then you can make individual calls to those who need extra help or support. If you prefer, you can set up team calls on Zoom or Skype and really foster a feeling of team spirit. Make the video calls a weekly affair and remind everyone that you can see their camera – just in case!

  • Take Breaks

You need to give your staff a little slack if they’re working from home. Encourage regular breaks and make it clear that as long as their daily tasks are complete, you don’t mind their working hours. As long as people are available to speak to during those hours if necessary, you can relax on the strict timetable. You can also encourage internal Zoom conversations, too. There’s no water-cooler chat at home, so make it happen instead.

  • Host Check-In

Leaders often underestimate how much people value being in the know. Every week, draft and send an email out to your staff to keep them clued in to what’s going on in the business. They need to know and you need to make sure that your staff feel valued that you care enough to share! You can make a big difference to the mental health of your staff just by being available and sharing the information about the business that they invest their time in.

  • Continue Educating

People want to train and upskill as much as possible. You will have a much better time with this when you ask your team what they need. Training courses, educational seminars and extra skills learned will really help them to feel like you care about their future.

  • Digital Drinks

Lastly, have fun with it. You may all be working remotely, but you need to interact as much as you can and video calls don’t have to be for meetings. You can host an online meeting that merges with an online cocktail class and enjoy a drink together! Even an office dinner where you have ordered all of your staff takeout could work. The point is to be as present as possible – no matter the circumstances.

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3 Tips To Help You Start A Career In The Mining Industry

Mining isn’t a career that many people think about when trying to decide what they want to do with their lives, but it’s actually a great path to go down. There are a lot of opportunities in different areas of the mining industry and if you progress to higher positions, there is a lot of earning potential there. But before you get to the top, you need to start at the bottom and find an entry level mining job. If you think that the mining industry could be the right career choice for you, here are a few important tips to help you land your first role. 

3 Tips To Help You Start A Career In The Mining Industry
3 Tips To Help You Start A Career In The Mining Industry

Understand The Risks 

Before you start looking into different job options, it is important that you understand the risks involved with the mining industry. It’s a dangerous job and even though there are health and safety measures in place to protect people, there is always the chance of an injury. If you find yourself on a dangerous job site and you are injured, you may have to seek help from lawyers that specialize in handling all types of mining accidents so you can make a claim against your employer. It’s important that you seriously consider whether you are willing to work a dangerous job and deal with the consequences if you are injured. If you are not, then the mining industry is probably not right for you. 

Get Qualified 

You will need the right qualifications if you want to land a job in the mining industry. Many people that already have an engineering degree decide to go into mining afterwards, but if you don’t have any prior qualifications, you may need to invest in education to improve your chances of getting a job. If you don’t want to go back to college full time, you can still get a mining job without a degree. However, you will be at a disadvantage if you don’t at least have some basic health and safety certificates and mining training. There are online courses available if you want to train while still working, which is ideal for people that are looking to change careers in later life. Many mining companies will hire internally before advertising jobs, so if you can get an entry level position, there are plenty of opportunities for promotion further down the line. 

Learn How To Network 

Networking is a great way to improve your chances and get your foot in the door, especially if you are going up against other candidates with more qualifications than you. Networking is a skill that needs to be learned and practised, so look for any local conferences and business events where you might meet industry leaders that can help you land a job. You should also use sites like LinkedIn to connect with people online. When you start putting applications in, it will help you a lot if they recognize your name and remember meeting you at a business event. 

By following these steps, you should be able to land an entry level position in the mining industry. From there, you can work your way up and build a good career. 

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Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) Becomes Highest Paid Celebrity On Instagram in 2020

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platform through which people gain name, fame as well as money. There are so many people who are highly paid on Instagram but one of the highest-paid Instagram celebrities is Dwayne Johnson, an American-Canadian actor. According to the information from social media marketing firm Hopper HQ, Dwayne Johnson is 48 years old celebrity that advertises roughly $1, 015, 000 for a sponsored post. Johnson is followed by 189 million people including Kylie Jenner as well as having around 183 million followers.

Dwayne Johnson Becomes Highest Paid Celebrity On Instagram
Dwayne Johnson Becomes Highest Paid Celebrity On Instagram

Hooper HQ claimed that we recently published a list of highest-earning stars of Instagram after speaking to all the celebrities and the social influencers on this media platform. After talking to them we determined how much they are being paid and how much they are charged just for a single post. Therefore, in between all this only we found that Dwayne Johnson is one of the high paid celebrities of social media platforms, Instagram. Exact amounts of their earnings are still not known but an estimated amount about their earning are got to be known.

Probing further, the report claims that beauty mogul Jenner is at the second number with an estimated amount of $986,000 per post. Also, this year list told the people that pro soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is the next highly paid celeb who is charged around $889,000 per post and Jenner’s sister Kim Kardashian is charged around $858,000 per post whereas American singer Ariana Grande is on top five charging around $853,000 per post. To know more about other highly paid celebrities on Instagram, you can check out the browser.

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Economy: Virus Cases Weighed In US Market As Stock Futures Gain

Through information, it has been found that the U.S. Stock index futures advanced Monday when the investors were there to start focusing upon the prospects of expansion of the economic stimulus. Therefore, this expansion has been done to help counter the impact of spreading the global pandemic outbreak of COVID. September contracts on S and P rose 1.1% as of 8:11 a.m. in London. Moreover, the futures of the Dow Jones Industrial Average has climbed up to 1.3% till now and the ones on Nasdaq 100 Index have added around 1.2% U.S. financial markets and therefore, were closed on Friday before the Independence day on July 4th.

Furthermore, you should have information about Stoxx Europe as well. It has jumped around 1.7% with all the sectors trading in the positive industry. The U.S. states are there continuing to post record cases into July 4th weekend and the World Health Organization is likely to have been reported with one day high in global infections over this weekend only. In between the COVID-19 drag and improving economic conditions, Jingyi Pan, a market strategist wrote a note at IG Asia.

Economy: Virus Cases Weighed In US Market As Stock Futures Gain
Economy: Virus Cases Weighed In US Market As Stock Futures Gain

The cases of COVID are very highly increasing in the U.S and have almost an increase of 56,000 cases on Sunday only. Therefore, the employment data of June came in stronger than forecast on Thursday. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. economists revised down all the estimates for the U.S. economy this quarter but have said that this will come back on the track after the month of September. Hence, there are so many states that have been imposed on fresh restrictions to combat the COVID pandemic. Lastly, we would like to inform you that Congress is set to resume all the talks on the next stimulus bill coming later in this month only.

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