Equal Sound Corona Relief Fund

As the COVID-19 swarms across the nation and the world, we’re all seeing the economic effects. Like in my previous post, I talked about the music industry infrastructure. This business is based on crowds and entertaining people. Also, on top of that, many artists rely on this for their primary source of income or a large portion of their monthly income. I understand a lot of people are laid off or generally out of work, but what makes these artists different? Well, they don’t have unemployment to draw from. Which puts them in deep, deep trouble financially.

Many of these musicians are doing what they can with Patreon, asking for music and merch purchases via bandcamp or offer online/skype lessons and private performances. Love the entrepreneurial spirit that is often found with musicians. Whatever it takes to get it done.

But this might be enough. Not even close. If you’re struggling because of cancelled gigs/tours, etc.There is something that might be able to help you. This is . This is what they’re doing – “Provides monetary support to musicians who have lost income due to a canceled gig as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak”

You can apply here:

Here is their FAQ:

For all of you musicians out there.. hang in there! If you’re musician but don’t rely on gig income for your primary income and might be able to contribute, please !

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