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Cerner Launches RevElate Patient Accounting for Rev Cycle Portfolio

What You Should Know:

– Today announced the launch of  the company’s go-forward patient accounting product that will bring new and enhanced capabilities to the Cerner® revenue cycle management portfolio. 

– Cerner RevElate is expected to preserve and advance the clinically driven capabilities of Cerner Millennium® while adding scalable, enterprise capabilities of Soarian® Patient Accounting software. Revenue cycle continues to be one of Cerner’s largest areas of annual IP investment, and Cerner RevElate is one of the outcomes of a purposeful review of the company’s technology architecture and product portfolio.

Cerner RevElate Integration with Other Systems

Cerner RevElate Patient Accounting is an open and extensible platform based on event-driven orchestration enhanced with service-based integration technology. This means that you are no longer limited by the source of data. This model has transformed other industries and is called Integration Platform as a Service – iPaaS. In this model, what’s important is HOW data is being used, not where it comes from.

Roll-Out Plans

Cerner is planning to uplift its current patient accounting client base to Cerner RevElate in phases. To help ease the transition, Cerner will work to prepare clients while creating a customized resource and implementation timeline.