Oroville Marijuana Delivery
    Loving how bold it looks with the Craie/Bleu Hermès face.
      How the Apple Watch saved me today.

      I was out with my friend today when we had a short run on some grass next to a road. When I got near to my house, I realized I didn’t have my phone (iPhone XR) on me, so went back.
        AliExpress Braided Solo Loop Bands are 🔥🔥🔥 here’s all 5 colors
          Apple Watch Series 6 44mm | I love it!
            It really looks like a black diamond in one piece. I was kinda disappointed not to find with s4 or s5. Guess I’ll go for another year
              Back then and now haha😁
                Seems I enjoyed myself a little TOO much over Christmas...
                  Bruise & a little rash is this common?
                    First post here, hope it's okay. I have always been a late adopter of Apple Watch, a generation or two behind doesn't bother me because of the money I save. My buddy just upgraded to the 6 and had a stainless 4 (GPS/cell) which he was going to trade